About Us

We would like to extend a warm welcome to our clinic.

Our clinic is equipped with the latest state of the art computerized imaging systems: including dental education in all aspects of dentistry, digital x-rays and intra oral camera. The dentists understand that each patient’s needs will be different and they will design a treatment plan tailored to that specific patient. Be assured that treatment will proceed in a comfortable, gentle and friendly atmosphere.

The surgery provides a comprehensive range of dental treatments for the whole family in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere.

We offer a full range of treatments for the whole family. The practice specializes in cosmetic treatments form minor adjustments to total smile lifting procedures. For those who are anxious about treatment we offer happy gas (sedation) which is extremely safe and a fantastic way to have a relaxing experience at the dentist.

We also have “laser” which is a very new concept in dentistry in that it is silent and painless and most cavities can now be treated using this new innovation.

DVD virtual reality glasses are also available so that you may watch a movie or documentary while undergoing treatment. We also have a hygienist available to ensure a clean and healthy mouth.

Take a look at our Treatments and Cosmetic Treatments.

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